Why You SHOULD Move to KITCHENER if You're STILL Living in TORONTO

Why You SHOULD Move to KITCHENER if You're STILL Living in TORONTO

Have you ever thought about leaving the hustle and bustle of the big city for a more relaxed and affordable lifestyle? If you have, then Kitchener might be the perfect place for you. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top reasons why you should consider making the move to Kitchener, Ontario.

  1. Transportation

The transportation infrastructure in Kitchener is fantastic. The Light Rail Transit (LRT) line is 19 kilometers long and has 19 stations. It operates similarly to streetcars in downtown Toronto but at a faster pace, with an average speed of 25 kilometers per hour. This means you can get around quickly and efficiently. The road infrastructure is also excellent, which means you can save a lot of time in traffic. In fact, the difference in hours lost due to traffic between Toronto and Kitchener is immense. In Toronto, it's 55 hours per year, while in Kitchener, it's only 27 hours per year.

  1. Cost of living

The cost of living in Kitchener is significantly less than in Toronto. According to several sources, it's about 20 to 26 percent less. The most significant difference is the cost of insurance. In places like Vaughan, car insurance can cost as much as $2,100 per month. In Kitchener, the average car insurance rate is $1,346, and in Waterloo, it's $1,351. This means you can save almost half the cost of insurance by moving to Kitchener. The cost of real estate is also cheaper, with housing prices about 35 percent less than in Toronto. Additionally, the transfer tax is cheaper in Kitchener than in Toronto, which means you can save even more money.

  1. Cost of Real Estate

Kitchener has a large selection of properties to choose from and is substaintially less expensive than Toronto and the surrounding areas, if we look at Mississauga, the average home in Kitchener is about 35% less than it is in Mississauga, and the difference between Kitchener and Toronto proper is even more so.

  1. Safety

Kitchener is a safe place to live. In almost every category, the crime rate is lower than in Toronto and other surrounding cities. Using Numbeo, a website for comparing different cities, you can see that the crime rate in Kitchener is far lower. Waterloo, in particular, is very safe, and you can walk around at night without any troubles, although it's always important to exercise precautions.

  1. Education and economy

Kitchener has great schools, including two universities and a college. Waterloo is the seventh-best university in Canada, making it great for engineering. Laurier is a great business school, and Conestoga College is fantastic. The local economy is also thriving, with many startups and technology companies opening their doors in recent years.

In conclusion, Kitchener is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. If you're looking for a more affordable, relaxed, and safe place to live, Kitchener might be the perfect place for you. With excellent transportation, a lower cost of living, and great schools and job opportunities, Kitchener has everything you need to make a new life for yourself. So why not make the move to Kitchener and see what all the fuss is about

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